A list of projects I contributed to


Public CRY.ME : a cryptography challenge about a secure messaging application

Joint work with Abdul Rahman Taleb, Ange Martinelli, Chrysanthi Mavromati, Jérémy Jean, Louiza Khati, Matthieu Rivain, Ryad Benadjila, and Sonia Belaïd.
Published at: SSTIC 2023 (website)
Project Website: TBD

Public Python-ELMO, a Python encapsulation of a statistical leakage simulator for the ARM M0 family

Project Type: Python Package
Project Website: https://github.com/ThFeneuil/python-elmo

Public CodArena, an online platform of bot confrontation for personalised games

In collaboration with: Fergal Feneuil
Project Website: https://www.codarena.fr

Private The Beta version of the intranet for a professional association

Project Type: Django Application
In collaboration with:
- Tristan NEMOZ
- Arthur DION

Public A complete handbook which explains the installation of a Linux server for personal or associative uses (113 pages A5)

Project Type: Written Work
Project Website: handbook.pdf

Private An audit tool which automatically checks the various recommendations of ANSSI (French national agency in cybersecurity) on GNU/Linux configuration

Project Type: Django Application & Lynis Plugin

Public SPARK Kholloscope, a software to manage oral examinations for some French preparatory classes

Project Type: Qt Software
In collaboration with: Olivér Facklam
Project Website: https://projects.aprilas.fr/spark/

Private A web portal - client space for an English company

Project Type: Website with a substantial backend

Private An online Serious Game to learn to type fast on a French keyboard

Project Type: Website with a substantial frontend

Private SANDIE, a tool to browse in a graphical representation of a GLPI database

Project Type: Website