Thibauld Feneuil

I am a young doctor in cryptology graduated in 2023 at Sorbonne University. I am currently working as cryptography engineer and researcher at CryptoExperts. My main research area is zero-knowledge proofs and post-quantum signatures.

What I Do

Cryptology Research

Cryptology, the science of the secret, is my PhD speciality. At work, I am doing research in both cryptography and cryptanalysis. More precisely, I am currently working on the post-quantum issues and I am following carefully the standardisation process of NIST on post-quantum schemes.

Software Development

I discovered the basis of programmation when I was 11 year old by creating small games on scientific calculators. I learnt soon afterwards to develop in various languages and I even started to put my skills to the service of associations and companies at the age of 14.

Cybersecurity Consulting

The broad-based education of Télécom Paris on computer science and my own interest in cybersecurity have given me enough expertise to advice companies, especially on topics related to modern cryptology.

Server Administration

Mainly thanks to the community life in the Télécom Paris engineering school, I learnt how to install and manage Linux servers in 2018. And ever since, I have maintained this skill for professional and personal projects.

Some Facts

Born in

1997 in France

Nascent vocation in

2009 for computer science

Computer Engineer

2020 Télécom Paris

Current localisation

Paris Ile-de-France, France